The Patch-ed Up Tail

The original, wonderful, disastrous round robin. One can either navigate it from here or simply press Next as the story is traversed.

And we begin!

A Few Surprises

An Unwelcome Visitor

Will our hero ever catch a break?

Eugenia! No!

The Doctor

In which there are more fantasticallities

A Narrow Escape?

Familiar Faces

In which all you need is love

A Summoning of the Spirits

A Coincidence?

The turning of the worm

Shadow on the Stoop

An Unpleasant Segue

Aulde Acquaintance

It never rains but it pours

“Need a Hand?”

Unfortunate Aid

In which we find ourselves with something completely different

Dramatics and Daring Escapes?

An Unusual Explosion

In Which Demons are Battled

You just never know what a day will bring

A Personal Carrier

In Which Patches Is Rather Confused

In which we enter, pursued by a possible paradox

In Which There is a Great Deal of Exposition

In which Wickles first hedges, but then reluctantly reveals his plan.

In Which Patches is Pissy

In Which a Wall is Momentarily Broken

In Which Patches Is Finally Transformed

In Which We Discover New Urges

In which the world goes to hell in a handbasket