About Us

Amber- The Mousegoddess

A-names mean that when people decide things alphabetically you are most likely to be chosen first. The middle child in this raggedy trio of silliness, by day Amber is a linguistics major valiantly studying and by night…she is an exhausted linguistics major trying to sleep. She doesn’t have the ambitious plans that Ty has (YET, she’s working towards world travel with her degree), but if you want to buy her presents she won’t say no bwa hahaha (she hasn’t figured out how to add booze to an Amazon wishlist…YET).

 Ty – The Gay Divorcée

Currently in a state of flux, Ty is figuring out how to make a collage from these beautiful shards of shattered plans. However, being resilient,  Ty has been making a go at going back to school. The young people have been doing quite a good job at looking after Grandmaman, and Ty thinks he might be able to get a second M.R.S.

Shaun – The Jack of all Trades

From music to healing arts to tangent-filled scribbles, Shaun is a whimsically imperfect, overzealous bard who is currently in the process of starting over with a brand new career ambition, one which will take several years and inevitable travel to attain: naturopathic medicine, and perhaps massage therapy and dermoglyphics along the way. Their optimistic ambition gets them into trouble sometimes, but Shaun ever remains a faithful student to the art of adventure and service.

 Gloria Steinbeck-The Mysterious Lady

A bit of an enigma, since she’s lived most of her life in obscurity, on the night side of someone else’s imagination. But she’s been stirring for a while now, as can be witnessed on Twitter (@SteinbeckGloria) or in this obscure corner of the internet, where she’s kindly hosted until she’s ready to get all that tedious spotlight stuff for herself: http://www.claudiarapp.de/gloria-steinbeck

While she’s working on a novel filled with dead bodies, dark music, a brooding-enough hero, and a sunshiny heroine, a story reeking of Jane Eyre flavor and mystique, she graces this delightful bouquet of whimsy with her occasionally clumsy hand. Diversion for the win, yo!

Dheena – The Dreamer of Improbable Dreams

Dheena is a mystery wrapped in fan merchandise inside a cluttered one-bedroom apartment. She spends most of her time exploring the worlds in her head and fawning over the faces on her TV. The guaranteed way to coax her out of her introverted shell is through karaoke. Her current life plan includes getting into NASA and finishing all her planned collaboration covers with Amber.


 Members Emeritus, who are stepping back because LIFE:

 Founding Member-Natalie – The Cat Lady

 Natalie has more interests than are healthy. The fancy word for this condition is “polymath.” When she is not continually enrolling in grad school for esoteric subjects, she enjoys reading way too much, writing, playing the piano and singing, painting, baking, hiking, etc., ad nauseam. She blogs about the arts and recovery with a little fiction and poetry thrown in for flavor at The Cat Lady Sings. Natalie is also a freelance writer and editor from Southern California. Please hire her to edit your novel! That would make her happy.

Natalie is currently taking a sabbatical from our project to combat the tyrannies of modern life hand to hand. At present, she’s winning.


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