About the Project

The project is currently on indefinite (and possibly permanent) hiatus because university is a hellacious landscape that sucks up all one’s time and energy and time.


One day, three disenchanted freelance writers were commiserating over their general lack of enthusiasm towards their personal projects.  There was a general shortage of inspiration, and it simply could not stand. The three determined that, to rekindle their creativity, they would beg, steal, or borrow a plot and trade the story back and forth amongst themselves, thereby jump-starting the process.

This is that story.

The Rules of the Project:

Each author will post a minimum of 500 words within 7 days of the last author’s post (as a general rule). Each author must continue on from where the last author left off. Additions to the plot and character pool will be respected and embraced. Above all else, whimsy rules.


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