And we begin!

“That seems like a ridiculously high amount to charge for such a simple task!” the fat man protested. “I’m sure that it could be done for quite a bit less, perhaps by someone else!”
Patches growled at his client, baring one fang to make his point, “The price was agreed about beforehand, you wouldn’t be trying to amend the contract at such a late date, would you?” His claws came out and dug into the oak of his desk, “I would hate to think you were trying to cheat me while besmirching my character.” Splinters appeared on the desktop as his claws worked and fur rose along his ruff, “I would hate to have to deal with such…slander.”
The man nervously loosened his collar, “I-I’m sure there will be nothing to worry about. Your reputation is unimpeachable.” He wiped away a drop of sweat from his brow as the fang disappeared back behind the bewhiskered lip and the claws drew back.
Patches was amused by his client’s swift backpedaling and his tail lashed behind him. “Of course my reputation is unimpeachable, Mr. Johnson. I am simply the best burglar to be found. Which ever direction an item is going, in or out, it will get there with no one the wiser.” He purred slightly and there was a glitter from his slitted eyes.
Mr. Johnson eyed the claws that were advancing and retracting from the fuzzy paws before him, “The…item must be recovered within the fortnight.” He gulped at the sight of a re-emerging fang and hurried on, “That is what my superiors have stated. The deadline is a fortnight. We do, of course, realize that we have nothing to worry about with you on the job.”
Patches’ barely audible purr started once again, “That is because I am the best. You may tell your superiors that there is nothing to worry about. I trust you have payment at hand?”
The fat man patted at his forehead with a hastily retrieved handkerchief, “I just simply contact our security team and they will escort it in.” At the inquisitive lift of a whiskery eyebrow, he hastily added, “Which I shall do. Immediately, of course!”
As Johnson whipped out his cell-phone with a shaky hand and whispered into it, the cat leaned back with a contented look. Business was good and life even better. He smiled, a mere quirk of a grin, as his client put his phone away.
“It’ll be up in just a moment Mr. Patches. Just the merest moment and our team will escort it in,” the nervous babbling pleased Patches, and his purr grew louder. Johnson grew more nervous, not knowing whether a pleased cat was a good or bad thing for his own hide. He relaxed slightly as a knock came at the door, “I-I’m sure that will be them. Shall I?” He motioned at the door and leapt from his seat at Patches’ affirmative reply.
The knob shook in his hand as he opened the door, revealing three large men looming behind it. The cat’s ears twitched forward and his eyes gleamed with satisfaction as he saw the large bag carried by the man in the center.
“Excellent,” he hissed as his purr became a rumble, “Most excellent, indeed. You may tell your superior’s, Mr. Johnson, that their task will be completed with the utmost efficacy.”


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